5 reason why you must read Of Silver and Shadow by Jennifer Gruenke

  • Titulo original: Of Silver and Shadow
  • Autor: Jennifer Gruenke
  • Género: Fantasy
  • Páginas: 480
  • Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Publication date: 26/05/2020
  • Price: $14.99

Cover of Silver and Shadow by Jennifer Gruenke
Fuente: pinterest

Most of the time, if you have lucky you have the pleasure to find excellent books to get lost a few hours.

I have to say that I found one and is thanks to the team of netgally who give me an advance reader copy to enjoy this adventure.

That’s why I found a way to convince to read Of Silver and Shadow an amazing book of Jennifer Gruenke

So, I will present you five reason why you must read this book of fights and love

1.A tough woman.

Bye bye to the damsel in distress, Ren is going to fight and she didn’t have fear of anyone.

She can get out of trouble alone and on top of that she can manage a house where street children without family can live

Romance everywhere and diversity.

It’s not only the non-wanted love that finally fall into place of a men and a woman, you can also find this kind of cute love of two girls who will fight against everything to save the person who love.

Likewise, you will find conquests, romance and one night’s love of women and men.

3. Fights in every corner.

But wait! is not only men’s fights a really tough woman will be hunting the dreams of some men because she sucks the life of them.

In those pits you will find also the royalty someone who you can’t imagine and he will surprise you

4. Villains

You will have goose bumps because of the villains of this book. Why the writers have to be so cruel and create the most awful person?

There are three in special who I can’t stand: Heath, the king and one mobster that at the end I hate him.

5. Unexpected twists:

seriously I can’t imagine none of the events of the books. Even in the end I couldn’t imagine the situation with some of the principal characters.

Did you read An amber in the ashes or The red queen? Did you enjoyed?

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