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Review and synopsis of the Thriller: The vow by Debbie Howells

  • Title: The vow
  • Author: Debbie Howells
  • Publication date: 1 october 2020
  • Gender: Thriller and Mistery
  • Rate: ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️


Cover of the book: the vow
Fuente: goodreads

Everything was perfect. And then her fiancé disappeared…

Two weeks before her wedding, a stranger stops Amy in the street and warns her she’s in danger.

Then that night, Matt, her fiancé, doesn’t come home.

Desperate, Amy calls the police – but when Matt fails to emerge, she’s forced to call off her wedding day.

Then another man is reported missing, by a woman called Fiona – a man meeting Matt’s description, who was about to leave his fiancée for her.

He was supposed to be moving in with her – but instead, he’s vanished.

Amy refuses to believe Fiona’s lover can be her Matt – but photos prove otherwise, and it soon becomes clear that Matt has been leading a double life.

As the police dig deeper, two conflicting, yet equally plausible stories emerge from two women who allegedly have never met.

The wedding day never happened. But the funeral might.


It is a good book if you are starting with the Thrillers and mystery books but if you like this kind of gender you will be disappointed.

While the story is developing is an interesting thing to follow, but in the middle of kind of you started to get bored.

I fancy the story of Amy, how she works for her own business and how she suffers for her former marriage.

She has a daughter named Jess who is clever and she is studying in the uni.

How she was the first suspect of the disappearance of her fiancé is clear, but you no quite understand the reasons or the weapons. You are sure that she was incriminated.

Is palpable the suffer for the disappearance of Matt, and is shocking that you are realizing that she was battered for Matt.

So, this is the way that you started to guess who is involve in the disappearance of Matt and this game I love it for some many times I watched CSI.

I get chocked for whom was the guilty but I may skip some pages and I didn’t miss anything.

The characters


She is an interesting character, so submissive with Matt and innocent that you don’t believe her fully.

She has a dark secret that she promised not share with anyone, but someone think they have to pay for what they did.

In the begging she doesn’t believe that Matt cheating on her, but while the day passes, she realizes the true nature of her fiancé.


She is Amy’s daughter, and one of the most interesting character of the book, she is intelligent, and will do anything to clear this situation.


The other women of Matt who is a successful layer and she believes that Amy has an erratic behavior because Matt told her.

She has a dark secret too and she will do whatever to keep her successful life.


Is a well written story about a lot of conflicts the only thing that I didn’t like it is the ending I feel so shortly and abrupt that I didn’t enjoy fully.

It is really entertainment to guess who is the criminal and know about the past of Fiona and Amy.

I keep asking myself who is the criminal y at the end It really surprised me.

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