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Opinion and synopsis of “The Little Bookshop of Love Stories”

The world is endlessly big when you have books

Jaimie Admans

Everything begun with me searching for my new adventure before I try to read again Dune 2.

I was looking in Net Galley and It called my attention a cute cover and the name of the book “The Little Bookshop of love stories”.

Cover of The little bookshop of love stories

How amazing would it be to own a bookshop? To get to live and breathe books every day?

I never thought that they will send me an advance copy for reader, so when the mail came, I was over the hill of happiness.

Well, I was not disappointed, the book is so nice, sweet and full of good wishes and dreams that I did not stop dreaming to have the luck of the protagonist.

Synopsis by Net Galley

Having lost her job and humiliated herself in front of a whole restaurant full of diners, this is absolutely, one hundred percent, the worst day of her life.

That is until she receives an email announcing that she is the lucky winner of the Once Upon a Page Bookshop!

Owning a bookshop has always been Hallie’s dream, and when she starts to find secret love letters on the first page of every book, she knows she is stumbled across something special.

But Hallie’s beloved bookshop is in financial trouble, and with sales dwindling, she cannot help but wonder if she is really cut out to run a business.

Things start to look up when she meets gorgeous, bookish Dimitri and between them, they post a few of the hidden messages online, reuniting people who thought they were lost forever.

But maybe it is time for Hallie to find her own happy-ever-after, too?


I enjoyed so much this book, really.

If you are a totally bookworm like Hallie and you love books, you will delight in. Totally I am going to be a fangirl, but friends this book was like reading my goals and dreams.

Who wouldn´t want to own a Bookshop in a cute and sweet town in England? And Who wouldn´t want to meet someone who trust, believe and knows about every weird thing that you say?

First, we must talk about the characters:


From hardship comes greater strength

Jaimie Admans

The typical girl who never has luck and always do “weird” things, (but really is we the bookworms lives in other dimension, a good place where all the characters that we love lives in).

So, everything changes when she won the Bookshop, but the big thing that you know it must change is the perception of Hallie about what she deserves.

It is a change that you see between the pages, she starts to believe in herself, which it is excellent because something you do not see you worth.

And didn’t see but with this spark of luck she does, and I fancy so much watch her grow.

She is so sweet, and she believe in love stories in the books, I felt so identified with her about what she dreams and hopes.

I like her because of she is so weird, and the fact that at the end she embraces the fact of the weirdness is what makes her unique and special.


My head is alive with a million characters who have stayed with me all over the years

Jaimie Admans

He is so sweet, so nice, so perfect.

He is an artist who came to the bookshop because she wants to “recreate” an old book for the kids.

Dimmitri visits everyday the bookshop and helps Hallie to got throw the whole process of adapt to her new life

I read a lot of character from the handsome and rude guy until the beautiful misunderstood I-do-not-know my beauty. But him, he is the must desirable men in my world.

Something that I really fancy about him is his uniqueness, weirdness and how gentlemen he is.

Is like the author read what I want and put it in Dimmitri.

His way of thinking is something that I relay on, we must do what we really want because the life is too short to do anything else.

Is the dream guy for a bookworm, he has so much knowledge, so much to share that makes me cry because someone like him doesn´t exist.

Also, he is so positive, and he believes in something good is going to happen in any minute


Books can change lives and make people feel not alone

Jaimie Admans

The former owner of the Bookshop.

For me is kind of wizard who knows a lot and knows what it is the best for everybody.

You do not read a lot about him in the book, but his presence is all the bookshop and hi is behind the curtain in the story.

You will love him too.

Last thoughts

There’s a unique magic in books of never knowing what you might find.

Jaimie Admans

This book is a unique source of good luck 😊

I just finished a bad book, and this story makes me laugh so much, it makes me dream and believed that a good thing is going to happen.

Is like a daydream. If you choose to read it you will never regret, truly

The bad thing?

The only bad thing that I read is that maybe is too good even for a book if that makes sense.

But what can I say? I read books of elf’s, and fairies 🤷

Besides that if you are a bookworm or a bookdragon you will enjoy this glimpse of a daydream.

About the Author:

Jaimie is a 32-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name.

She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, watching horror movies, and drinking tea, although she is seriously considering marrying her coffee machine.

She spends far too much time on Twitter and owns too many pairs of boots.She will never have time to read all the books she wants to read.

She is the author of chick-lit romantic comedies The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters and Kismetology, and she has also written young-adult romantic comedies Afterlife Academy, Not Pretty Enough, and North Pole Reform School.

See her website

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